Online Equine Medical Records

Does your horse’s medical history deserve to be treated with the same high standards as humans? We think so!

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Our Focus

We want to do everything in our power to protect the health of our horses and the horses in our care. We also firmly believe in open communication between all the people involved in the health and management of our horses. Our eVET Certificate product is the first comprehensive online equine vaccination record and provides the solution to problems arising from paper records.


Knowledge is power and knowing everything you can about the horses you are responsible for is key to their safety.


Never forget when, where, and what vaccinations and treatments your horses have received. Keep their health records current and readily available. Receive vaccine reminders to keep you on track.


Just as personal medical records are kept strictly private, our HIPAA compliant platform means we keep your equine records as safe and secure as your own health records at your doctor's office.

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