Protecting Your Horse

Online Equine Medical Records!

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Protect Your Horse

Equine Vaccination Records

Access your horses entire vaccination history online!

Electronic Vet provides an innovative, user-friendly, digital vaccination record that is designed to meet the ever-growing needs of horse show venues. Electronic Vet provides accurate up to the minute records of immunizations and test results prior to competition. Our custom, easy to use interface, allows for complete online access from ANY mobile device, or desktop computer. By providing accurate, efficient, and secure information, Electronic Vet is the authority in online vaccination record storage.
Electronic Vet Horse Health Certificate

Online Equine Medical Records – Coming Soon

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Access Exam Information from any device!

With our simple, easy to use interface, veterinarians can complete  exams at the point of service, and provide an efficient, accurate report. By using our mobile system, our customers are able to provide real time documentation which enables quicker and more accurate reports, including the unique ability to incorporate photos, and videos into reports. Owners and Vets alike have access to our online, mobile interface and can access up to the minute, real time data, and status on lameness exams, pre-purchase exams, and other pertinent information. Our system reduces the amount of back and forth between vets an owners, and allows for increased productivity, customer service, and accuracy.

Equine Tele-Medicine – Coming Soon

Remote Veterinary Care For Your Horse From Anywhere!

Electronic Vet’s Telemedicine solution allows for remote care which reduces response time, and increases reliability for Veterinarians and Equine Owners alike! Our secure system is an innovative way to provide on site care from anywhere in the world. Our platform allows for real time video conferencing and photo sharing so veterinarians can provide the highest level of care to both remote and local locations. Our telemedicine product allows for real-time communication between vets and owners- care for emergency situations or follow-up care is facilitated at the time of need, when care is needed most! Our Tele-Medicine solution works as a stand alone product, or seamlessly integrates with our Electronic Medical Record for a complete online veterinary solution.
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Secure Equine Records

Our Secure System Ensures Integrity

Leading Producers of Equine Events Are committed to using our online records system for Horse Verification and immunization history. Our system ensures that only qualified and screened Veterinarians can update immunization records. By integrating health records, owner records, and veterinarians, our products share information for ease of use, and to reduce workload, and improve accuracy.