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Document At The Point Of Care

The medical safety and health of our equine patients is our first priority. Current schedules expected of show horses are intense. Electronic Vet and the eVET Certificate bring veterinary medicine up to date with technological advances and enhance the equine veterinary practice by easing burdens on time and resources. This allows the veterinarian to offer quality service to clients and save money by making data access quicker, easier and more accurate. Electronic Vet, through its Electronic Medical Record and TeleHealth capabilities, utilizes time tested, user-friendly applications to store information and allow for real-time communication between owners and vets. The equine industry has an urgent need for greater bio-security for our show horses and other competitive horses. The horse show industry has experienced disruptions of major competitions with multiple negative impacts due to contagious diseases in recent years. 

eVET Certificate is an online, secure, and comprehensive database which eliminates the need for multiple paper copies of vaccine records. The systems are designed for convenience and easy access worldwide. Electronic Vet and its products raise the industry standard with a single, secure location for all veterinary information for a specific equine athlete.
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