Why people believe in Electronic Vet

Cutting edge technology...

"Electronic Vet's cutting edge technology and forward thinking products allow my horses to stay compliant with USEF's vaccine requirements, which helps me to stay organized knowing all the required information is safely and securely stored in the cloud."
Macella O'Neill, Diamond Mountain Stables

Electronic Vet Joins USEFPerks Program

"We are excited to introduce Electronic Vet as a member of the United States Equestrian Federation's USEFPerks program. With the Federation's continued focus on the welfare of the horse, Electronic Vet products are the best fit for our members and we look forward to its continued support of our athletes."
Bill Moroney, CEO USEF

It makes life easier...

"I think this product is a great way to keep track of horses vaccine records. It allows for information sharing among all the people involved with a horses care. It makes my life easier, because my clients have 24-7 access to their horse’s records."
Phillipe Benoit, DVM
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