Equine EMR

Electronic Medical Records For The Equine World…

Equine Pre-Purchase And Lameness Exams

Electronic Vet’s comprehensive Electronic Medical Record allows veterinarians to enter exam data at the point of care. Our easy to use solution is a web-based and compatible with all iOS and Android mobile browsers, and allows for accurate and immediate data entry for each exam. In addition to using pre populated data for each report, veterinarians can also upload photos and video at the examination site to be included in the final report. Equine owners can rest assured knowing their data is safe in the cloud, their reports are always accessible, and accurate. Our EMR integrates seamlessly with all of Electronic Vet’s Products and allows for electronic medical history for multiple horses per owner.

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Benefits Of EVET’s EMR

Our customizable product:

Lets Veterinarians design content of reports. Allows you to dictate clinical findings directly into your tablet, computer, or smart phone at the point of care. Allows you to complete up to 100% of a pre-purchase exam at point of service. The electronic chart is pre-populated with the owner and horse information, which is entered before you even start the exam. ElectronicVet integrates a check box format along with pictoral/video documentation to allow you to easily document normal findings as well as abnormal ones, such as gradation of lameness. Will allow you to improve your diagnostic accuracy. You can upload video or photos at point of care- this is especially useful to document severity of lameness. This data will be integrated directly into the report and can be used to compare initial injury to future progress. Photos of wounds/ infections can be directly uploaded to the initial vet report. Medico-legally ElectronicVet can be used to provide video documentation to support pre purchase findings in the event of future lameness. Provides instant access to past medical/surgical history, immunizations and medications administered previously.


Who has access to the EMR? Only Owners and Vets have access to the EMR, but only vets can imput/make changes. Any changes are time and date stamped. Can the EMR become a legal document? It will function the same as a paper veterinary report. Can my record be electronically shared with other vets in case additional consultation is needed or I change vets? Yes, without the concern of lost or misplaced paperwork.
vet entering an EMR